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Works on paper 2018-2019

For this period, I painted further away from my home. With the exception of the last one, all of the works on this page represent subjects from other regions of Quebec. First, Charlevoix and the impressive Parc des Grands-Jardins, followed by views seen in Kamouraska and finally, a valley and a lake in the Témiscouata .


Kamouraska holds a special place. From my first visit in 2017, I was charmed and I went back a few times. At first I wanted to paint monadnocks, these unique rock formations, but I never got to do it. On each visit, I ended up painting something else. The flats of the St. Lawrence River, with their countless rocks that arise at low tide, never cease to hold my attention. And that's not to mention the Pèlerin Islands ...


With the exception of Nuages ​​sur les Grands-Jardins , all works were painted on 100 lb acid-free Bristol paper.

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